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A unique marriage proposal!

The Luz Charming Houses Hotel in Portugal

I'm the kind of girl who exchanged pictures of wedding dresses with her best friend for years, dreaming of the famous D-day. So, after a year or two of relationship with my now husband, Maxime, I quickly talked about marriage (too much), and I was always met with the combo: one day / we'll see. Then, when the day of the proposal came, I had so much trouble believing it that I didn't understand right away that it was THE proposal... Let me explain!



  1. A wedding proposal in Portugal

  2. The photo album: material souvenir of an immaterial moment


1. A wedding proposal in Portugal

Mid-August 2021, we arrived at the end of our road-trip in Portugal, in the small village of Moimento (which means moment in Portuguese, a nice sign of destiny), next to the Portuguese Lourdes that is the city of Fatima. We stayed in a beautiful hotel (girly!) with green and orange colors with hearts scattered everywhere, and even a modern chapel: the Luz Charming Houses.

One evening, while we were both in the room having an aperitif, Maxime took out of his suitcase a gift. I discovered that it was a beautiful photo album containing black and white pictures of the two of us from our past trips. I quietly leaf through the album, happy that we (finally!) have such a book of us. With an amused look on his face, Maxime asked me to look at the album again from the beginning. I must say that I had noticed that there were colored elements on each picture, but I had not paid more attention than that.

Then, when I went back through the whole album, I discovered that in each of the black and white photos, an element that naturally stands out from the photo and represents a letter or a number has been put in color, so that it forms a marriage proposal message when turning the pages of the album.

I looked up and Maxime was on his knees with the engagement ring (well, I must admit that I had shown him this ring several months before on the Internet, in case we were to get married one day, because I don't like surprises, even less when I know that our tastes may differ and especially for a ring that I will wear all my life).


2. The photo album: material souvenir of an immaterial moment

Maxime confessed to me that he had been preparing this proposal album in secret for two years on the Saal website, making me believe all this time that he wasn't interested in marriage (maybe I should worry about his acting talent ;-) )!

He explained to me that he got the idea when he saw a letter shape clearly standing out from the landscape in a photo. I had never heard of such a beautiful idea before and, above all, I am happy to have a material souvenir of this immaterial moment...

This request was a magical and perfect Moimento in my eyes because simple and in private, I would not have appreciated that this intimate moment could take place under the eyes of others. Notice to the amateurs...


=> I hope this article has inspired you for a future wedding proposal and, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate, I'll be happy to get back to you!

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