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Belgium: nature getaway at the Cabanes de Rensiwez!

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The "tree" common room of Rensiwez Mill

In this article, I present you an idea of a destination that is both nature and comfortable at the Cabanes de Rensiwez, in Houffalize, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes!

Located two hours by car from Brussels, it is a vast domain of eight hectares with many cabins, each with different charms, but whose intimacy is systematically preserved. You can choose a cabin on the river, or in the Ardennes fir forest, or on the hill. Some cabins even include a sauna, a Nordic bath or a fully openable canopy to spend the night under the stars, yes! The absolute dream.

In two words, the change of scenery is guaranteed as soon as you arrive and the disconnection is total. I'll take you there!



  1. The history of the Domaine de Rensiwez

  2. The Rensiwez experience, at the crossroads between nature and comfort

  3. Some suggestions of activities near the Cabanes de Rensiwez


1. The history of the Domaine de Rensiwez

The present Mill of Rensiwez, on the bank of the Eastern Ourthe

This story starts in 2012 when Olivier Berghmans, after falling in love with the Domaine de Rensiwez, builds three cabins along the river, then others in the woods and on the hills.

Then, in 2017, the restoration of the old Rensiwez Mill, a building dating from the 18th century, took place. The following year, in 2018, the old mill wheel was rebuilt, not only for its aesthetic aspect, but to sustainably meet two thirds of the Domaine's electricity needs!

Finally, in 2021, new cabins are built on the rocky ridge, offering a sublime view of the surrounding valleys.


2. The Rensiwez experience, at the crossroads between nature and comfort

The Aglaé Suite, in the heart of the Mill and by the river

When we arrive at the Domaine, which is already revealed below a pretty winding forest road, the brain begins to reconnect with nature. We are warmly welcomed in a cabin acting as a reception, but also as a shop proposing notably regional products (artisanal jars, beers, wines, etc). We are given our key, a map of the domain, as well as two mysterious boxes which will turn out to be matches (useful to light candles and other fires) and... a flashlight (necessary for the night outings because no public lighting in Rensiwez).

In our case, we were not staying in a cabin, but in one of the six suites that have taken place in the Mill building since its renovation: the Aglaé suite. When we enter the Mill building through a common room with kitchen, dining room, living room and fireplaces, we are amazed by a huge carved wooden tree serving the downstairs (where we were) and upstairs.

When we enter the Aglaé suite, the first impression is its space: 40 m2 all the same! Its atmosphere is both natural with raw wood and stones and, at the same time, warm with its comfortable bed with an alcove opening onto the fireplace, allowing us to fall asleep almost by the fire, its stone bathtub (what am I saying, its basin!) and its sofas with multiple cushions along the bow window to contemplate the mill and the river passing behind, but also at the edge of the bed, to curl up.

In keeping with this natural, yet comfortable spirit, the suite also has a separate shower made of mortex and cedar wood, as well as a large equipped kitchen and dining area opening onto a terrace with a table and chairs for two. You can even have a barbecue there!

By the way, concerning the meals (food is life!), you can order a delicious and copious breakfast basket the day before in the cabin at the reception, which you can pick up the next morning at the same place, allowing at the same time a morning walk within the Domaine. You can also order in advance a regional aperitif or champagne basket or menus, prepared by a local chef, Gilles Poncin, that you will just have to heat up in your kitchen.

Here, no WI-FI (except at the reception), nor television, life is about the present moment, relaxation and sharing.

Bonus info if you're wondering who Aglaea is: she is the goddess of beauty and human creativity.

Finally, it should be noted that some accommodations can be rented for one night only from Monday to Thursday (see the list of accommodations concerned), but, on the other hand, all accommodations are rented for two nights minimum on weekends. No arrivals are possible on Saturdays or Sundays.


3. Some suggestions of activities near the Cabanes de Rensiwez

=> Visit the Achouffe Brewery

The Achouffe Brewery and its famous red elf hat

Ten minutes by car from the Cabanes de Rensiwez, you can visit the Achouffe Brewery for 1h30 (45 minutes of guided tour, then 45 minutes of beer tasting, with a souvenir to take away at the end). On the spot, you can also find their own beer store: the Chouffe Shop!

=> Hike from the Nisramont Dam, along the banks of the Nisramont Lake

The confluence of the two Ourthes

Ten minutes by car from the Cabanes de Rensiwez, I recommend this sportive hike of about 15km (4h30), well marked, which starts at the impressive Nisramont Dam and follows the banks of the Lake of the same name, allowing you to admire the confluence of the two Ourthes!

=> Discover the city of La Roche-en-Ardenne

La - Roche - en - Ardenne - Belgique - Belgium - Ardennes - Belges - Belgian - Ourthe - Eau - Water - Marron - Brown - Rivière - River - Bords - Banks - Arbre - Tree - Vert - Green - Maison - House - Pierre - Stone - Ciel - Sky - Bleu - Blue - Château - Castle - Feodal - Feudal - Promenade - Walk - Découvrir - Visiter - Visit - Discover - Se - Promener - Walking - Balade - Se - Balader - Colline - Hill - Bateau - Boat - Canoe - Kayak - Activité - Nautique - Activity - Nautical - Solara - Blog

La Roche-en-Ardenne and its Feudal Castle, on the banks of the Ourthe

Finally, twenty minutes by car from the Cabanes de Rensiwez, you can go for a walk in the town of La Roche-en-Ardenne. Indeed, you can discover the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge, but also the Museum of the Sandstone of La Roche, the Feudal Castle or the Game Park!


=> I hope this article has helped you in the preparation of your stay and, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate, I'll be happy to get back to you!


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